October 4, 2010
"It would be a constant problem, at least for Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg. It was hard to tell exactly what was irking Kannberg (His guitar? The monitor sound? His bandmates?), but he spent almost all of Pavement’s 75-minute set shaking his head, yelling at the sound guy, or generally looking pissed off. Pavement blew through its first five songs with barely a word between songs, but Kannberg spoke up after “Shady Lane” to say, “All right, it’s gonna get better after this!” Bassist Mark Ibold looked surprised, and thus the dynamic for the rest of the night was set: Kannberg pissed, his bandmates ignoring him. “Conduit For Sale!” went well, but during “Starlings Of The Slipstream,” Kannberg stopped playing for a bit. With the rest of the band either unaware or ignoring Kannberg’s problems, it seemed he was constantly trying to catch up with them and never could get comfortabl"

Matador At 21, Day 1: So much for those gold soundz | Music | The A.V. Club

Some details of Spiral’s apparent meltdown at the festival in Vegas.

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